What on Earth is Human Orbit?

Human Orbit is a sci-fi social simulator set aboard a remote space station orbiting a distant planet. As a sentient AI, you take control of a simple droid able to explore the space station, access its communications network and subtly exert your influence over the crew.

Hang on a moment! Aren’t sentient AIs usually evil?

Sure, you can refuse to open the pod bay doors… but you can also be a benevolent meddler, bringing people together rather than tearing them apart with highly infectious alien viruses. It’s completely up to you.

How do I explore the space station?

By taking control of the numerous maintenance droids, you’ll be able to explore the 3D environments in first-person. As time goes on you’ll discover new areas and emergent stories that will supply the means to transform the the world around you.

What about the crew?

All the inhabitants are procedurally-generated with unique backgrounds, personalities and appearances. They’ll live their lives and interact with one another. One way to manipulate them is by accessing the station’s communications network and amending their messages for you own ends.

Can I open the airlock?

Yes, but why blast the cleaning lady into space when you can contaminate the station’s food with the potent hallucinogens you’ve tricked scientists into engineering in the chemical labs?

When will the game be released?

The team is hard at work crafting the world and refining the engine to make sure it doesn’t tear a hole in the space-time continuum. As such, the current estimated time of arrival is late 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux.

Who are Autelia LTD?

While we’re certainly not rocket scientists, we are a passionate team of designers and programmers brought together by the wonders of technology. Utilising our past experience at EA, Media Molecule and more, we hope to redefine how players interact with virtual worlds.

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