PBR (Pretty Beautiful, Right?)

In an earlier blog post (Framing Effect), we mentioned in passing that we would be updating to a new version of the engine that we are using for Human Orbit. Today, we’d like to share some results from that update and show you just one of the reasons why we have been eager to upgrade. Upgrading our engine to Unity 5 opens up a lot of avenues for us graphically. One of the more significant changes is that it allows us to switch to full PBR (physically based rendering). In PBR, all materials in the game use a unified shading model that corresponds much more accurately to real-life materials and allows materials to respond to light sources in a consistent and accurate way. The result of this improved lighting model is scenes that feel much more cohesive and more natural.

By combining this with the massive FPS improvements that Joe has made in the last few weeks, we’re confident that we can create a look that is distinctive, beautiful and performant. Have a look at these new screenshots of the alga room, and compare them to the screenshots that we shared a couple of months ago. The top image shows the shiny new look of the game, and the bottom image shows the shameful old version. I think you’ll agree that the improvement is immense!

Now we can show our faces in public again!

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