Genesis Corporation: A Vital Force for Earth’s Progress

Genesis Corporation emerged in the latter half of the 21st century from the merger of a number of the world’s leading corporations. The organisations involved were primarily based in the United States of America and operated globally in a diverse range of broadly consumer-oriented markets such as consumer products, consumer devices, personal finance, insurance, retail, recruitment, and traditional news media. In the early years of the partnership that preceded their formal merger, Genesis Corporation’s joint works and developments were hobbled through being stuck in the mire of a number of lengthy court-cases in relation to potential and perceived ‘anti-trust’ concerns.

It was only subsequent to their ground-breaking work in the field of asteroid mining, built upon the prior successes of comparatively primitive but globally celebrated projects such as the ESA’s Philae Lander, that these legal shackles fell away. After having proven the feasibility of such projects, the immense potential value of large-scale asteroid mining was impossible to ignore and an international consensus formed that an exception in the competition laws ought to be made in respect of the massive capital investments needed to continue such daringly innovative projects. It was at that time that the corporate union preceding Genesis Corporation formalised its merger. Due to preparatory work that had already been conducted by a leadership board comprised of individuals throughout the union, the process of seeking out and acting upon the newly created internal synergies was swift and thorough. After significant streamlining of the workforce and a short rebranding process, Genesis Corporation brought its massive resources to bear upon the task of creating the first generation of production-model asteroid mining equipment.

The Philae Lander - "Globally celebrated, though relatively primitive"The Philae Lander on comet 67-P – “Globally celebrated, though relatively primitive [compared to Genesis Corporation’s production grade mining equipment]”

At the same time, and according to the design of their initial union, Genesis Corporation utilised the incredible breadth of its portfolio to launch a new kind of service, catering specifically – but not exclusively – to the needs of the new off-world workforce. Genesis Corporation launched its historic Lifestyle Provision service, which provided accommodation, entertainment, food and drink, fiscal management, and communications services to its subscribers as part of a single package. The Lifestyle provision service was such a success that a large proportion of Genesis Corporation’s on-world staff made use of it, finding that it offered a much better quality of life than they could achieve through subscription to multiple individual services or through dealing with Genesis Corporation’s competitors. Reacting to this enthusiasm, Genesis Corporation rolled out a premium version of its service to all of its employees as an alternative to traditional forms of remuneration. Today, Genesis Corporation’s Lifestyle provision service still stands out as a premium option among the similar services that were later launched by its competitors.

Genesis Corporation’s latest venture, the highest-risk of all those that it has undertaken within the 22nd century, is the launch of a space program exploring the furthest frontiers of known space. The centerpiece of this project is the Genesis Orbital – the first of what must soon become a new generation of orbital research platforms. The Genesis Orbital is a technological marvel – the first truly residential space station, whose crew members may live happy, productive lives in conditions hardly removed from those that one might experience on-world. Stationed in orbit around the only planet known to mankind to ever have harboured advanced forms of life, its residents pursue the kind of groundbreaking research and development projects that have made Genesis Corporation the vital force for Earth’s progress that it has been since its inception.

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