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In this blog post we answer a few of the questions @spacesjut was kind enough to ask us. If you have any questions you would like us to answer in a blog post please send them to

The player is able to delete chunks of meatbags’ conversation. How does it work? Does it work in retrospect or only during “real-time”-surveillance? Does all communication work like the example, or are the meatbags able to talk in person and realize that messages go missing?

When an NPC sends an email there is a slight delay before it is delivered. This is because all emails are ran through the corporations off-station ‘sixth eye’ surveillance systems. The player can take advantage of this to change or delete the message before it reaches it recipient.When receiving an email the NPCs don’t always check straight away, you can use this gap to delete or change the email.
It’s worth mentioning that each NPC has a unique personality, if you send hugely emails that deviate from the NPCs personality repeatedly suspicions are going to be raised.

If I start a new game, will I have to go through everything again?

We have two game modes ‘Story’ and ‘Survival’. There are lose conditions for both. When you start a new game the station is reset back to it’s default state and a new crew is generated.
However, each NPC has a personal identification number you can use to ‘hire’ them onto a new station if you miss them.

Can the player take control over a maintenance bot to repeatedly sabotage the central computer system and use the common failures of the system as an argument to get the meatbags to give me control over this error-prone system?

If you run around smashing things with a maintenance bot it’s much more likely they are going to take the maintenance drones in for repair and analysis then hand over more control to the central computers.
For maximum control you want to demote intelligent engineers, promote the incompetent and slowly manipulate people into opening system vulnerabilities for you.
It’s a balance game though, full control isn’t necessarily the best way of reaching you end goals. Sometimes you are going to want to let your favoured people take more control if you are playing the long game.

The Station is shown to have gravity. Is it on a celestial body with a sufficient mass to provide said gravity? If not, how does the station provide it and can it be switched off? Are you just handwaving these things or will there be large amounts of technobabble trying to explain why such things work?

Oh, there will be techno-babble. The station was originally designed to spin and have spin gravity. It seemed a little odd you could control all systems other than the gravity though so it was cut. All that floating around adds a lot more work for our small team.

Unless we come up with a better idea I am debating having the station fixed to a small dense moon or asteroid that orbits the planet to account for this. It’s still up in the air though.

Will the player’s drone be the only active bot? Or will there be maintenance bots, military bots, …? If so, is it possible for the player to actively push the automation of certain tasks to get them out of the hands of the meatbags?

You have the surveillance camera drones, these can interface electronically with equipment and little else.
You also have the mechanical drones, these are multi-purpose and come with all sorts of modular attachments depending on what function they are preforming. The basic model has a simple mechanical arm. You also have modules for security drones, gardening drones etc (Who knows, you might even find some tech from the planet to upgrade these capabilities.)
You can set automation of certain tasks for sure and set up the whole station so that the sensors and machines all lie to the meat-bags. It’ll be tricky but it’s just about possible…

Will the player’s drone (or another bot controlled by the player) be able to interact with the environment, eg. to “misplace” certain objects?

Yep! That would be the mechanical drones you ‘dock’ with. You can use your arm to stuff that NPCS meds in the washing machine or move the emergency oxygen tanks to the incinerator. Most objects are interactive in some way, even when they are bolted down there is often hacking actions you can preform on them.

How will the controls work? 5DOF-Navigation, with mouse as two-axis rotational input? Also: will there be access-hatches usable only by the drones?
Everyone can use the access-hatches but you have a fast track system fixed to the roof of the station that propels drones around at speed. Controls are subject to play testing but at the moment it is the standard WASD and mouse with two-axis rotational input yes.


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