Knowledge is Power.  

What if a sentient AI had access to the digital lives of an entire society?

On a remote space station orbiting a mysterious planet, take control of the systems, comms and crew to shape your own Utopia. Who benefits most from your new world – present staff, future generations or yourself – is up to you.

A sentient AI

Hack a vast communications network to access everything from maintenance requests to the Captain’s log. Uncover the crew’s personalities, relationships and deepest, darkest secrets.

A pocket society

Help, hinder or simply wreak havoc with the station’s hundred-strong crew. Identify prodigies, promote your favourites and reorder society the way you want it to be.

A universe of opportunity

This world is your oyster. Upgrade the station, reconnoitre the alien planet below or re-spec your ship as a groundbreaking interstellar laboratory – the choice is yours.

Knowledge is Power